Assistive Technology for Organization: Resources for Elementary and Secondary Students

Hi everyone! This post is for our upcoming September article in Inspirations Newspaper. In the article, we recommend two resources to get students organized and planning effectively for the new school year.

Here are our two resources for organization and planning:

My Project Planner (Elementary)

This template is designed as a method for students to break down, or “chunk” their homework or project into tasks. It incorporates strategies for creating and organizing tasks into a specific timeline, and helps students with time management. Students will likely need support to use the template until they become more comfortable with the process.

Parents/guardians-when you access the file with your child’s EMSB Chrome account, it will prompt you to make a copy to the student’s Drive. The file is printable as well.

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 1.25.42 PM
Time management tools are built-in!

Google Keep (

Google Keep is a free notetaking and organizational tool that is part of the G-Suite of classroom tools (available to all EMSB students). It’s a very simple tool that allows students to create labels to organize notes for each class. Or use it to organize research and projects!

See our post on Google Keep for detailed information on how to use the iOS app or web tool. Regardless of the device you use, your notes will sync across devices. Many of our students start working in one environment on a mobile device, and then continue in another on a laptop (or vice-versa!)

a sample to-do list
a sample to-do list

We wish everyone a good and organized start to the school year!

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