Our List of Apps, Extensions and Software

Assistive technology tools for learning are those that support the student academically within the curriculum or for skills that enhance and promote autonomy, such as augmentative communication or social skill development. Typically, in our classrooms, these tools are used to support adaptations. They can also be used to increase access to the curriculum or reduce barriers in the environment for the student.

The assistive technology consultants have created a list of assistive technology tools that can be used for supporting teaching and learning in the areas of:  literacy, numeracy, augmentative and alternative communication, social skills, organizational, executive function, and study skills support, alternate formats and student engagement.

*Please note that these lists are continually updated and suggestions are very welcome. Please submit your recommendation here.

Please see the links below to access resources in each area:



General (scanning, typing, notetaking, student engagement)

Augmentative and alternative communication

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of resources for assistive technology nor does listing of the resource indicate endorsement.