Assistive Tech Guide for Students @ EMSB

As an EMSB student who is thinking about using assistive technology (we call it AT!), or even if you’re already using assistive technology, your input in choosing and using AT is very important. As an elementary or high school student, its important to know that everyone learns differently, and its also important to understand what works best for you when it comes to your own learning. This might take a bit of time! To help figure out what assistive technology tools might work best for you, here is a handbook (you can use it with text-to-speech if you like) to give you an idea of what tools are “out there.” You might also want to talk to your parents, teachers, or guidance counsellor about technology options that might support you in your learning (for example in reading, writing or math).

Assistive Technology Handbook for EMSB Students

The biggest challenge is not accepting that you learn differently—it’s having confidence in how you learn differently.

-Scott Thourson