Read&Write for iPads

The Read&Write app offers some of the many features available in Read&Write for Chrome. It works as an additional keyboard that can be installed onto the iPad which has features such as predictive writing and text to speech.

Here is a great video by Texthelp which shows how to use the Read&Write app on the iPad.


With the EMSB’s boardwide license, students and/or staff will need to login to the Read&Write app in order to gain access to the full range of features that are demonstrated in the above video. Here’s a how to guide for setup and use of the Read&Write app.

Once installed, Read&Write can also work as a toolbar in Safari. This toolbar offers the following tools:

  • Text to Speech
  • Dictionary
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Translator

Below is a video from Texthelp on how to open up and use this toolbar when browsing in Safari.