Literacy and AAC Resources


Literacy is for everyone, especially those students who use AAC. There are no prerequisites to AAC, and there are no prerequisites to reading and writing.

aim high

-Jane Farrell, SLP

Current research and practice in literacy and AAC has focused on specific strategies to teach balanced literacy with appropriate scaffolding and support. Below are resources for our community.

General literacy and AAC resources

What is the Four Blocks Model of Literacy Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities?

The Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies

Literacy for All (Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium)

Literacy for All: Short videos by Caroline Musselwhite, SLP

Learning for All (Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium)

Padlet link to 2017 workshop with Sandra Gluth (thank you Sandra for sharing your expertise!)

First Author Writing Curriculum resources

Emergent Writing Resources:

Self-directed module on emergent writing

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation’s webinar or Dynamic Learning Maps webinar on predictable chart writing (an excellent strategy to teach students who are emergent writers).

Predictable chart writing resources from Literacy for All

Alternative pencils: what are they?

Emergent Writing for students with significant disabilities from Literacy for All

Structured and independent writing for students with significant disabilities

Emergent beginning writers webinar, by Janet Sturm, SLP (First Author)

Assistive Technology for Writing presentation, by the Centre on Technology and Disability

CASP network @ EMSB: CASP emergent writing and Assistive Technology powerpoint

Reading Resources:

Shared reading information and resources from Literacy for All

Making predictions before shared reading from PrAACtical AAC

Guided reading information and resources from Literacy for All

Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness information & Strategies from Literacy for All

Word identification and decoding information & strategies from Literacy for All

Self-Selected reading information & strategies from Literacy for All

Literacy for Everyone with Adapted Books (PrAACtical AAC)

Books for beginning readers at any age (applicable to high school students, PrAACtical AAC)

Padlet link to reading resources from Sandra Gluth

Jane Farrall, SLP, resources on reading and writing

CASP network @ EMSB: Self-Selected Reading (with AT!) and Building your Classroom Library slideshow