Technology and AAC Resources

AACTechnology to support communication can range from low-tech to high-tech. Low-tech options might include picture schedules, communication boards, PODD books or a visual choice board. Higher-tech options are speech-generating devices (SGDs) such as tablets with communication apps and dedicated devices specifically for communication.

Choosing an AAC tool involves comprehensive assessment to ensure that a good match is made between the student and the tool/device, usually by a multi-disciplinary team. Low-tech can be just as effective as high-tech…also, its important to remember that there are no prerequisites for use of technology for communication, and there is no age limit either!

Links to technology to support AAC are below. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list nor does listing the app indicate endorsement.

Please contact the assistive technology consultants for more information on AAC and technology at EMSB.

AAC Apps-iOS

TouchChat HD

TouchChat HD app

TouchChat training videos


Proloquo2Go app

Proloquo2Go training videos

LAMP Words for Life

LAMP Words for Life app

LAMP training videos

Snap and Core First

Snap and Core First

Snap and Core training videos

Creating Visuals


Lesson Pix

Free AAC/Visual Engines


LessonPix (some materials free)