WordQ Resources

What is WordQ?

WordQ/SpeakQ is a software that provides these categories of assistive technology:

  • Text-to-speech-The text on the screen is read to the student using a synthetic voice.
  • Word prediction-“Predicts” a word the user intends to type. Predictions in WordQ can be based on spelling, syntax, and frequent/recent use.
  • Speech recognition-The software identifies words and phrases spoken out loud by the student, and converts them into text. SpeakQ requires voice training, and a headset with mic, for increased accuracy.

What is text to speech technology and how does it help?

Please see the Accessible Reading Québec website for detailed information, research and resources on assistive technology to support reading.

WordQ resources


The Ultimate WordQ guide

WordQ-SpeakQ guide for EMSB teachers 

WordQ information document for parents

iWordQ iOS app: Guide


Reading with WordQ: A Strategy Guide for Elementary Students

Writing with WordQ: A Strategy Guide for Elementary Students


Reading with WordQ-A Strategy Guide for Secondary Students

Writing with WordQ: A Strategy Guide for Secondary Students

Student Learning Profiles

Assistive technology selection is individualized for the specific student learning profile. Speech and language pathologists, as well as psychologists, occupational therapists and assistive technology consultants are professionals that can assist in understanding which students can benefit from specific assistive technologies.

For more information on student learning profiles that could benefit from WordQ please see:

-This page on understanding learner profiles and text to speech, from a teacher’s perspective.

-These short webinars on matching learning profiles to assistive technology, from English Montreal School Board and Lester B. Pearson School Board Speech-Language Pathologists.

WordQ and Evaluation

WordQ can only be used for the purposes of evaluation with students who require use of assistive technology (and specifically the features within WordQ) both within the curriculum and for evaluation purposes. Students must have a history of prior use, and comfort level with WordQ to use the tool in evaluation situations. Please note that a student does not have to have a Ministry code to use WordQ. For more information on WordQ and evaluation, please see:

Sanctions d’etude (chapitre 5): Sanction Chp 5 2015