Assistive tech for organization: Google Keep

This year will be an important one for getting and staying digitally organized. For those students using our G-Suite tools in the classroom and at home this year, we wanted to highlight the many amazing uses of Google Keep.

Whether you are taking notes, project planning, making a to-do list, or doing research online, Google Keep is an easy-to-use tool to stay organized. Its similar to digital sticky notes, and you can add anything you like to them: pictures, text, links, drawings, etc.

Here’s the basics on adding a Keep:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 3.59.55 PM

As you can see you can add pictures, to do-lists and drawings, instead of simply text to your note. On the mobile version, you can also record notes with your voice. This is EXTREMELY helpful for many of our students. Also-did we mention that Keep syncs beautifully across all devices? Its really easy to start on a mobile device, and then if you like, access your notes elsewhere!

Here’s an example of how to get organized. You can create Google Keeps for a general to-do list, a checklist for materials for my science project, and a homework assignment. (There are also many more options!) As you can see, I’ve added pictures to make it easier for me to recognize the topics. I’ve also color-coded for easier viewing!

I always create labels and tags for my subjects and categories (for example, I have “ELA” and “homework”) so I can quickly see what I need to do, and as an added bonus I can sort them by label. I create these labels myself so it makes sense to me! For example, when I click on “français” I can see all of my Keeps in that subject. Here are what the labels look like in Keep:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 3.47.22 PM

We’ll be doing some upcoming workshops on using Google Keep for organization. If you’re a student or teacher who like to use Keep in the Classroom or show your student how to use it, please contact us, we’d be very pleased to show you how to customize it to meet your/your student’s needs.



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