Introducing and Using Speech Recognition: A Mini Training Guide for Students and Teachers

Happy New Year everyone! We’re starting the year off with some new mini-guides for assistive technology. We’ve created a mini-guide for students using speech recognition and their teachers and parent that support them.

As more and more of our students use speech recognition, we wanted to make sure to provide some scaffolds for teaching this important tool. Speech recognition for writing can look like a very different process (ie. heavy on the pre-organization, revision and editing!) and its effective to be able to break the teaching process down into manageable parts for the student.

Included in this guide are a training guide for teachers, students, and templates that students can use when they are using their voice to write.

Please contact your assistive technology consultant if you would like more information on the guide or for individual work with a student on introducing and using speech recognition.

*Note: Thank you to Kelley Key and Daniel Cochrane for their work (Speech Recognition as AT for Writing, Barrington Community School District, 2020) in developing this guide.

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