We have visuals! Ready-to-go activities and printables with Boardmaker

If you are looking for visuals to support your child at home, we have ready-made resources ready to be printed or viewed online!

Some of these visuals are templates that can be printed so that you can add your own pictures, and some are ready-made activities. In addition, Tobii-Dynavox, the company that makes Boardmaker products, has given us permission to provide their “Boardmaker-to-Go” activities to EMSB families during this time.

We have these visuals available in PDF formats:

  • Visual schedules
  • Choice boards
  • Books with core words
  • Social stories
  • Writing templates
  • Visual routines for home
  • Communication boards that can be used for activities (cooking, reading, art, etc.)

Boardmaker resources for EMSB families can be found here. 

Please note we will keep adding visuals each week.

Please contact us if you would like to see other visuals added, we will do our best to create them!




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