Want to Work on Your Typing Skills?

A great skill to work on for many of our students using assistive technology is typing. Whether the student is using a keyboard as an alternative pencil to support their fine motor difficulties or whether they are using word prediction to help them bypass a difficulty with spelling, we’ve noticed that strong typing skills always impact their success with the tool.

Below we’ve included two of our favourite typing websites that you can practice with at home:

Typing Club: Students can sign up through Google with their EMSB email and password which allows them to save their progress and work towards being a champion touch typer! Once a student creates an account they can also customize the accessibility settingsto their needs.

BBC DanceMat typingGeared more towards younger students, DanceMat typing is another great website where students can practice their typing skills in a game-like environment. Once again, this site encourages students to work towards becoming touch typing pros!


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