Innovative Assistive Tech for 2019-20!

Its been a great year of assistive technology at EMSB! This year we focused on deeper  integration of Read and Write for Google + WordQ, and we acquired some new tools as well! Teachers began using our new licenses of BoardmakerOnline, and we also introduced some new AAC apps to our students!

We have big news for next year: we are receiving pilot licenses of Antidote software, as well as an updated WordQ5! We are very excited to work with our teachers and students with these new tools.

Antidote is a powerful writing correction software that we know will be an excellent support to our students in French. We have limited licensing that will be deployed as a pilot in our high schools for Fall 2019. More information to follow!

WordQ5 has a new PDF reader (YES!) as well as several new features that will enhance support for our students using the tool both in the classroom and for evaluation.

Read&Write for Google Chrome + iPad: we will be exploring new features within the Chrome extension and the iOS app as well as use of Google Classroom with Read&Write for Google Chrome.

New features in iPadOS: The new update has many more accessibility features, we’re looking forward to using them in our classrooms!

BoardmakerOnline: We are very excited to announce that a new adapted, balanced literacy curriculum is coming to BoardmakerOnline.

Happy summer to all!

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