High school students! Start the year off right with free accessibility features on any device

access adult blur business
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Did you know that most devices now include free accessibility features? That means that you can enable features like text to speech and speech recognition on your mobile or desktop device, for free.

In addition, our two main platforms, Google and Office 365, both have accessibility features included!

Here are some good options for students:

Voice typing tool in Google Docs-Speak into the doc and your words will appear on screen. Editing will likely be necessary though!

Immersive Reader in WordOnline-this tool reads the text to you, with highlighting.

iPad accessibility features: The iPad comes with features such as text to speech/synthèse vocale (click here for a screencast in English) and speech recognition/reconnaissance vocale (cliquez ici pour une capture d’écran en français). They need to be enabled in the settings.

Android mobile devices have text to speech. Instructions are here!

For EMSB high school students, see our Google slideshow on how to enable accessibility features on your device.

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