How to access Read&Write for Google Chrome with an EMSB account

Step 1: Follow the steps below to gain access to your child’s Read&Write account.

Log in_out of Chrome for Read&Write

Step 2: Go to Think of Google Docs as a blank piece of paper-only it’s a virtual one! This is where you will do all of your writing.

When you open a Google Doc, click on the purple Read&Write icon Read&Write icon to open the toolbar (if you don’t see the icon, make sure you logged in and synced date in Step 1).  This is what the toolbar looks like:

R&W toolbar

Step 3: Start using your toolbar with Google Docs to get going on your piece of writing! Check out our slide show to see all of the features of the Read and Write toolbar in detail.

Step 4: Prefer to learn through video? Here is a playlist of all of these features, produced by Texthelp.


Did you know that Read&Write also comes as an app? Here are some instructions for installation and on how to use it



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