New features in Read&Write for Google Chrome and iPad!

Some new, important updates for both Read& Write for Google Chrome and iPad are available!

  • There are new speech settings available for the text to speech function in Read and Write for Google Chrome. Now, the speech menu has the following options: 1. speak continuously; 2. speak each word, and 3. speak each sentence (see below). This is important as it will allow students to customize the options according to their learning needs.



Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 4.01.09 PM

  • A much-needed update is for Read&Write Keyboard for iPad. Siri is now included in the keyboard (see below). This is an essential feature for those students who use speech recognition when writing.


These features are available universally on EMSB Read&Write for Google Chrome accounts and on our school board iPads. The AT consultants will be demonstrating and sharing at upcoming sessions in the Fall.


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