How to scan (or making paper digital + accessible!)

Pixabay, no attribution required.

Olivia Colalillo, AT consultant at EMSB, created some excellent visuals and how-to’s for a recent Resource Teacher Literacy network workshop (with a great group of elementary resource/classroom teachers!) at EMSB.

If you’re looking for information on how to scan paper document to make them readable and write-able, check out her comprehensive step-by-step guides here:

Scanning on an EMSB Photocopy Machine when you have a bigger batch to scan (step-by step guide with pictures).

Scanning from a mobile device to use with WordQ (we recommend AdobeScan, its already on our school board iPads). This is a good option when you have single or a few pages to scan and you’re on the go.

Scanning options when using Read&Write for Google Chrome: If you’re new to Read&Write, its our newer literacy support tool that we’re using in our schools. There are multiple options to make text accessible with Snapverter (scanning tool within Read&Write). Check out Olivia’s how-to.

For any support on the above processes, or for other questions with regards to scanning and accessibility, ask your AT consultant and they would be happy to show you these options at your school!






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