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Hello, and thanks for visiting the AT @ EMSB site!

The site is organized into resources in these categories: Universal Design for Learning, Literacy/numeracy support, AAC, AT and Evaluation, AT guides and Lending Library. In each category there are sub-categories in which you can access videos, information documents, screenshots of the tools, and training resources.

Assistive technology is “any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities.” (Assistive Technology Industry Association, 2018).

At EMSB, we are using the Universal Design for Learning framework for implementation of assistive technology. For an introduction to UDL, check out:

With a focus on increased accessibility, we aim to break down barriers for our students with accessible educational materials (AEM). Please see this video for a great explanation of AEM.

Here’s some of the current initiatives at EMSB in assistive technology for our students: integration of our assistive technology tools and learning suites and ensuring a good match to our students who benefit from assistive technology; use of mobile OCR tools to improve ease of access for our students; developing our own framework for AT assessment; building multi-disciplinary teams and PLCs around assistive technology; augmentative and alternative communication development (AAC), literacy and AAC, and student advocacy and independence with assistive technology.

Based on evidence-based practice in AT, we look at the student’s learning needs first, the selection of assistive technology is the last part of the process and is based on the individual student. We use assistive technologies that are multi-device and multi-platform.

We’re working hands-on every day in our schools, but drop us a line anytime. We love hearing feedback about new assistive technologies! Our contact information is here.

Best wishes for an assistive tech-filled year!

-Andrea Prupas and Olivia Colalillo








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